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UR Business Network Radio Welcomes Exit Strategy Program

UR Business Network announced today that Exit Strategist Kerri Salls is joining URBN to host a pro-active program on exit strategies for business owners who are planning how to get out of their business on their terms, on their timeline.

Exit Strategies with Kerri Salls - Show Host Kerri Salls                               
Exit Strategies with Kerri Salls                UR Business Network
Show Host Kerri Salls                    

PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 06, 2012 –
This Way Out™ Group LLC, the break-out boutique services firm providing comprehensive business exit planning services is pleased to announce today that CEO Kerri Salls, Expert Exit Strategist, has joined UR Business Network as the host of the new program,Exit Strategies with Kerri Salls.

Exit Strategies with Kerri Salls will provide interviews and discussion with expert advisors who can become part of a business owner’s exit team. In addition, business owners with the experience and hindsight of their own exit, will be invited to share their experience and insights with the audience.

“[Exiting small business] owners are preparing for the deal of a lifetime with possibly zero experience.”– (MorganStanley SmithBarney publication, 2011) [via Blackbridge Newsletter 2011]

They think they’ll be able to sell when they want for what they want with no lead-time or preparation of the business, the team or the business owner. That’s a diet of hope and promises that will satisfy no one. Because of a lack of pre-planning, 95% of all business owners are leaving up to 50% of the value of their business on the table when they exit. Salls explains that “This situation is totally preventable.”

The programming content for Exit Strategies with Kerri Salls [] will be a resource for business owners aspiring to sell, scale or pass on their business to a successor.

The UR Business Network (URBN/)  [] is a multimedia platform integrating online radio, terrestrial radio, print, video, web, social media, mobile devices and live events. URBN is a new 24/7 business network which will launch September 22, 2012. In addition to its global reach via the internet and other media, URBN will also be syndicating blocks of programming on terrestrial radio initially in the Boston and Providence Markets.

The UR Business Network utilizes the platform, website and social media penetration of UNregular Radio. 80% of their market is composed of listeners in the New England/ New York area.  UNregular Radio enables URBN to reach a large market very quickly with their established rankings of being in the top 50,000 websites in the US and 700,000 worldwide with over eight million hits per month.

In addition to the Exit Strategies with Kerri Salls program serving business owners who want to get out, to be hosted by Kerri Salls, the current schedule of programs to air on UR Business Network include MYOB the radio show for entrepreneurs by entrepreneurs, Stu Taylor on Business,  a nationally syndicated show in over 100 markets, as well as a variety of shows focused on specific vertical markets.

URBN is an aggregator of the latest technologies and most innovative modes of communication to capture, share, store and transfer data to maximize profits for the investor, the company, and the end user.

Kerri Salls, CEO of This Way Out Group LLC, and author of Exit Essentials – How to Get Out is an award winning exit strategist, goal achievement authority, acclaimed speaker, and mentor who prepares business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve their optimum exit strategy. She helps owners establish a strong foundation to catapult their business into accelerated growth, and maximize value to deliver an exit strategy that creates wealth. Salls says “It’s never too early or too late to plan how to get out. Most business owners leave it until too late because no one gave them a better option.” She provides the resources, tools and insight to ensure entrepreneurs and business owners can, as she says, “Plan their exit from the outset”.

This Way Out™  [] has been refining and applying a holistic system to assist business owners since 1999 specifically to transform an income generating business into a wealth-producing machine so they can sell or scale the business on their terms on their timeline. Partnering with the business owner 2-5 years before their expected exit, This Way Out helps established and hyper-growth companies prepare for and achieve their optimum exit strategy; and helps owners to accelerate growth, maximize value and make their business both buyer ready and buyer attractive so they can get out and move on to the next venture, adventure or avocation.

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