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This Way Out Group LLC, the elite provider of early exit strategy services in the lower middle market, announces that Managing Director Kerri Salls, the pioneering exit strategy leader behind the groundbreaking 4 Step Exit Strategy Framework™ has released her complete system,

Selling Your Business for Maximum Profit.

This program will ensure that owners of private and family owned businesses can avoid being part of the 90% failure statistic, when implemented years before they intend to harvest the wealth in their business.

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Selling Your Business for Maximum Profit is for all business owners who think they want to sell their business in the next 2-7 years. If they are counting on making the most money possible when they sell their business, they can’t afford to wait, postpone, deny or ignore these essential steps in the processto avoid 5 deadly mistakes that most business owners make when planning their exit strategy.

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Order using the promocode: May 2014 to save $1,000.
This offer expires May 31, 2014.

It’s never too early or too late to plan your exit

PS – Put more leverage on your side of the table when it’s time to cash out. Here’s the blueprint to do that. Get your copy now.

PPS – You can order directly from the page above or email us at if you’re ready to prepare yourself, your business, your family and your finances for your reinvention.


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