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The bottom line with automation is that you work less and make more money.

Automation tools can do the work much faster than any one person, and all at the same time.

Automation is not just for the factory floor. You can automate:

  • A marketing campaign, a newsletter or autoresponder series.
  • A contact management system for any size company database
  • Sales scripts, sales strategy, follow-up sequence
  • Ordering supplies from a vendor
  • Payroll
  • Delivery schedules and delivery routes
  • Environmental factors like lights, heat, air, sprinklers, door locks, cameras, etc.
  • Technology upgrades, maintenance, and backups
  • Telephone answering, appointment scheduling, online ordering

Anything that can be automated can also produce a report. You can better spend your time reviewing reports and deciding how to enhance an automated process, increase its value or decrease its cost that repeating the process itself one more time.

Automation frees up your time to focus on the strategic efforts to cash out of your business when you want to.

Here are the three advantages of even the simplest level of automation:

  1. You will create or setup each system once – You can run it many times – like your newsletter or infinitely, like a folder for a particular RSS feed.
  2. For each task you identify to automate – you’ve also identified things that are duplicatable and repeatable – which means they do NOT have to be done by you – more freed up time.
  3. Automation de-clutters your desk, your computer desktop, your ToDo list, and as a result, frees up time and space in your head for more strategic activities.

Outsourcing, delegating and automating are skill sets that help you become a strategic entrepreneur turning your business into that wealth producing machine.

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