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It’s true. Business Exit Planning Is Easier Than The US Military Exiting Iraq — But More Complex Than Selling A House.

The majority of business owners avoid, procrastinate, deny, and postpone any discussion of business exit planning. The statistics consistently report  95% of all CEOs find excuses to not plan their exit.

The anticipated fear and overwhelm are exaggerated. When you put it in perspective, exiting your business is far easier and produces many more reasons for you to celebrate, than the recent US military exit from Iraq.

No CEO Can Do It Alone.

Just like it took large teams of experts  and years to plan and implement the US military exit from Iraq; you need to surround yourself with a team of experts who know more than you do about exit strategies and achieving your exit objectives.

I concede that your business exit is not as straightforward as selling your house or buying investment property. But, with a little help from your exit strategist and your transaction experts, you can focus on what you do best in the business while your team streamlines the process of exiting your business on your terms and on your time line.

No Planning

The absence of planning is one of the deadliest oversights a CEO can succumb to. CEOs know better. They just don’t invest the time and effort to plan their exit. The default option is that you will exit your business feet first or worse, – close up shop with nothing to show for all your time, effort, expertise and resources invested. Too many CEOs resign themselves to never monetize their business, never fulfill their dreams or live their legacy.

Business exit planning is easier and much more inexpensive than the US military exit from Iraq. In fact, exit planning actually will make you money, make the business stronger and more valuable, and provide a plan for your next steps, your reinvention after you exit.

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