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Time behaves like money – it’s a scarce resource.
Anything you achieve in life can be valued
by how much time you invested to acquire it.
Do you know the value of your time?

Procrastination vs. Productivity

You can’t hoard time from yesterday to use today. You can’t borrow time from tomorrow to use today either. You need to leverage your time, and how you spend your time, to deliver the maximum value for the business now, not someday.

Your own productivity is the standard for your entire business. Productivity is the time you apply to your most valuable activities – those tasks and responsibilities that generate the most or highest revenues for the business. Staying “busy” with tasks you can hire out at $12/hr. or $25/hr. is not being productive.

Do you know what percentage of the time you are productive? Really productive in your business? To put your answer in context, consider this:

One study of Fortune 500 CEOs estimated they had 28 productive minutes a day. Another one estimated it at 38 productive minutes a day.

You’re thinking, those CEOs put in such long hours, that can’t be right. Only 28 or 38 minutes a day? Now think about what these CEOs of the most successful companies do, how much they get done and how much (little) time they actually get to focus on profit-building activities.

You don’t have nearly the responsibilities of a Fortune 500 CEO. You should be able to carve out a lot more productive time. When you do increase your productivity, consciously using time more wisely:

  •  What will your day look like?
  •  What will get prioritized on your schedule?
  •  What has been siphoning off your valuable time that you can delegate more?
  •  How will this increase in productivity impact your bottom line?
  •  How much more time can you focus on the CEO role of strategy vs.

You need to stay focused on your priorities and your most valuable activities. Therefore, to scale or sell the business on your terms, you must leverage what you do best to achieve your most ambitious goals.

To leverage what you do best, you must view you and your business in a different way.

  •  You must stop seeing you as the sole resource in your business
  •  You cannot be the hub of every decision
  •  You cannot wear every hat
  •  You must start looking at how to leverage who you are and what you do to
    serve a larger audience and play a bigger game.

To do that, you must build an actual business and a team around what you currently excel at doing.

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