Pioneering exit strategist Kerri Salls releases Selling Your Business for Maximum Profit to prepare the 8M baby boomer business owners who want to cash out by 2018

Pioneering exit strategist Kerri Salls releases Selling Your Business for Maximum Profit to prepare the 8M baby boomer business owners who want to cash out by 2018.

My gift to you is a pattern shift to early exit planning to guarantee you can cash out of your business to cash in on life beyond your business.

My 4 Step Exit Strategy Framework™ laid out in Selling Your Business for Maximum Profits is easy enough for every busy owner to master and apply to your own business if you take action.

Don’t leave money on the table. Take action now.

In 2 days you can get your own copy of this comprehensive system that will save you time and money and guarantee you can achieve your endgame. You will be able to download all your bonuses (valued in excess of $30,000) immediately.

It’s never too early or too late to plan your exit

PS – Early exit planning is a revolutionary concept that will help you monetize your business and allow you to cash out before everyone else realizes they need to cash out too – and can’t!

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90% of All Business Owners Walk Away From Their Business With Nothing. Early Exit Strategy Pioneer Offers Another Exit Option

Regardless of your timeline, here’s just one critical secret that your transaction advisors wish you knew early, but no one ever tells you!

Whether you want to cash out in 3 years or 3 decades, you must start now to secure your legacy.

#1 Early exit planning is not an option.

Early exit planning can be the difference between a sale at 4-6 times your peak valuation and scrambling too late to get 2-3x your lowest valuation.

Your team of exit advisors will do a great job telling you what to do to prepare for that sale and increase the value of your business before you need their services; but it’s not their job to stick with you, guide you, advise you or keep you accountable to execute along the way.

That’s what Selling Your Business for Maximum Profits does. This self-paced homestudy course will allow you to join the 5% of all business owners who monetize their business and cash out to cash in on their reinvention, secure their legacy and assure their dynasty.

In 3 days you can get your own copy of this comprehensive system.

It’s never too early or too late to plan your exit

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Exit Strategy Pioneer Offers Alternative to Help Business Owners Who Close Down With Nothing.

You worked hard to start and grow your business. But No one told you, you would have to work just as hard to monetize the business you’ve built.

Because no one prepared them, 90% of all business owners walk away with nothing! Of the 5% who do get to a transaction, most leave money on the table – and they don’t even know it until 2-3 years later.

Imagine – what if there were a solution to this pervasive situation? Wouldn’t you want to learn how to maximize the value of your business, avoid leaving up to 50% of that value on the table, and ensure you achieve the reinvention you’ve dreamed about?

Now if you were wondering how you can do just that yourself, then you will want to take a look at this new program: Selling Your Business for Maximum Profits coming in 4 days!

It’s never too early or too late to plan your exit.

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Discover How to Harvest the Wealth in Your Business by Selling Your Business for Maximum Profit

I’m the exit strategist sought out and entrusted by owners of privately held companies who can accelerate growth and maximize the value of your business and get you to your endgame.

I am recognized for my unique early exit planning model to orchestrate your exit transaction and transition to reinvention by applying my 4 Step Exit Strategy Framework(tm) to transform your income generating business into a wealth producing machine that will fund your reinvention so you start living life on your terms now, not just in your golden years.

If you assume you can monetize your business on your own, without exit, succession and transition planning, then you are choosing to join the 90% of all business owners who walk away with nothing.

I want so much more than that for you. I give you everything I’ve got in this program: Selling Your Business for Maximum Profit.

It’s never too early or too late to plan your exit

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How to transform an income generating business into a wealth-producing machine you can sell or scale on your terms and on your timeline.

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Introducing Selling Your Business for Maximum Profit

Did you know Your real wealth isn’t in starting your business. It’s in how you exit.
– Kerri Salls

On Tuesday, May 27, I am releasing the long anticipated complete system: Selling Your Business for Maximum Profits.

I launched my first business in 1988 after a decade of multi-million dollar successes for Fortune 500 and smaller companies.

26 years later, my industry leadership has turned into a revolution to transform exit planning with a new paradigm focused on you. My workshops trigger one consistent response, 

On Tuesday, May 27, I am releasing the complete system: Selling Your Business for Maximum Profits.

In it, you will learn my revolutionary approach to guarantee you can cash out of your business on your terms and on your timeline.

When you order before June 1, use the promocode: May 2014 to get an introductory discount of 33% off the full price of the system.

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Growth: The Best Road to Value and Liquidity

Exit Planning Exchange

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     Join this dynamic day and walk away with great information to share with colleagues or clients, with new connections to expand your professional network, and with a wealth of ideas to make your business or practice even more successful!


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Succession market is booming, baby

Todd Nelson’s article, Small Business: Succession market is booming, baby, in the Minnesota Star Tribune on March 30, 2014, about Richard Burrock, lead partner for business succession services at Boulsy is more anecdotal proof of the demand for succession planning from baby boomers.

In his article, Nelson quoted Burrock: “The need for an exit strategy is gaining urgency as the baby boomers who own 40 percent of Minnesota’s private companies approach retirement.”

He quoted statistics Burrock shared: “More than half of the privately owned companies in the country face an ownership change in the next 10 years, yet an estimated 75 percent have no transition plan in place, Burrock said. Those who don’t are unprepared for life after retirement, with successor owners unidentified, tax strategies unaddressed and business responsibilities that largely have defined them soon out of their hands.”

These are all issues that take time to address and execute, which you can’t do if you wait until it’s too late.

These are the same distressing statistics we’ve been sharing for years to educate and encourage baby boomer business owners to take action.

Nelson quoted Burrock as saying: “To do nothing is a disaster in the making. It really takes away their flexibility. What I always say to clients is, if we plan it properly, you can have it both ways. You can have a nice soft landing and yet you can accomplish your financial goals at the same time.”

Owners need to hear this statement often.

Richard Burrock is another advisor who honestly telling business owners what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear. I concur with his suggestion “that owners begin planning early, at least five years before retirement.”

Nelson substantiated Burrock’s comments by referencing research by Expert Ritch Sorenson, professor of entrepreneurship and academic director of the Family Business Center at the University of St. Thomas’ Opus College of Business. Sorenson’s succession research “emphasizes the importance of developing a common culture that can sustain and be sustained across generations,”

Sorenson also endorsed the advice to begin business [succession] planning early.

If you have questions about your succession planning readiness, contact us to schedule a free consult.

* emphasis is mine.

HSBC Research Recap: Australians Financially Unprepared for Retirement

This data is too important to ignore. In the article below from his Successionplus newsletter, Craig West recaps critical data from Australia research by HSBC. This 2014 data confirms trends we see in the U.S.

As you read, consider if any of these concerns are issues for you and your business too. The HSBC research confirms what we see in TV ads from Prudential; that business owners are not prepared for the cost of retirement and their life expectancy will exceed their ‘money’ by 10 years. They expect their savings to run out about half way through their retirement!

Australians financially unprepared for retirement – HSBC research

Craig West – CEO at Succession Plus in Australia []

According to HSBC research into retirement trends Australians expect their savings to last just 11 out of 21 years in retirement, even though they plan to reduce their living expenses by 33% Contributing to the 10-year shortfall is inadequate planning, a preference for short-term saving, and an underestimation of the cost requirements in later life.

Australians’ pension emphasis similar to other western markets – but similarity stops there.
The survey shows that, despite the introduction of compulsory superannuation [pension] in 1992, the average Australian currently expects 30% of their retirement income will come from the pension, 20% from their super (personal pension), 14% from cash savings, 11% from property, and 8% from shares and investments.

Australians not adequately preparing finances for retirement
According to the survey, Australians anticipate their savings will run out a little over half way through their retirement with nearly 60% acknowledging they are either inadequately preparing for retirement or not preparing at all.

The survey also reveals 56% of Australians have never saved specifically for retirement outside of super. Of those, 47% believe they are being held back by Australia’s cost of living (which rises to 57% for 35-44 year olds).

Australians underestimate their spending needs in retirement
The survey finds that Australians, on average, feel they will need just 66% of their working life income to continue feeling comfortable in retirement – the lowest of all countries surveyed.

This shows a lack of understanding of the increased costs of healthcare as people age and the common statistic that for business owners post retirement spending on holidays and travel etc. can actually rise due to the SME business owner having more time available.

Australians more focused on short-term savings goals
Australians are also not helping their cause by having a short-termism approach to saving. The value of retirement savings reduces more rapidly than any other form of money because of the combined effect of inflation and rising life expectancy, so it is likely that Australians will need more of a savings buffer than currently anticipated.

Strong correlation between financial planning and saving
The survey also finds that Australians who sought a professional adviser increased their savings by 5 times.  “With life expectancy on the rise, the need to save and plan for retirement is becoming even more critical. Yet as daunting as the current challenges may seem, the earlier you plan the better prepared you will be.

That last statement is the key to how you navigate this road. Early exit planning increases the value of your business as well as how much you walk away with and when you can afford to cash out. To start planning for the sale, scale or succession of your business, contact us. Your initial consultation is free.

Smart Exit Strategies Begin With Early Exit Planning

It’s Never Too Early Or Too Late To Plan Your Exit Strategy

Early exit planning is essential for every business. On my radio show, Exit This Way, I open every show with the statement:

“It’s never too early or too late to plan your exit.”

Attorneys, wealth advisors, tax advisors and others all encourage early exit planning for business owners to minimize taxes; and to set up a variety of trusts to help you continue to control your company and its assets, while offering full protection for the business and your estate.

Paradox of Business Ownership

Don Brown, Vice President and Senior Relationship Manager at KeyBank opened his article, Smart exit strategies begin with early planning in the Kitsap Peninsula Business Journal by stating:

“What [most business owners] often fail to see and plan for is the byproduct of that success — that someday they will want or need to move beyond what they’ve worked so hard to build.”

That’s the crux of the paradox of business ownership.

There is a difference between exit planning and succession planning, but they must be addressed together because the decisions and outcome of both are intertwined.

I hear it many times a week: “I’ll walk away from my business when I’m ready to walk away. . . .” However, to successfully walk away when you are ready to walk away, doesn’t come together because you say so. There are many factors to consider, decide and prepare. The more prepared you are, the more control you have of timing, valuation, ownership, legacy; along with financial protection for you, the business and your estate. The earlier you start that planning, the more secure you can be that all the pieces are aligned and integrated to achieve your objectives.

Timing Matters

Deciding when to exit, never mind which exit option you want to pursue, is non-trivial. The learning curve and execution of that decision is time-consuming for you the owner as well as your team of advisors.

Succession planning and exit strategy planning can be a distraction from running the day-to-day operation of your business. When you start early, you have control and flexibility to explore options and leverage your advisors to optimize your outcome. Consult your All-Star Team of Advisors early and often.

The risk of waiting until too late (and then needing to act fast because of health, business cycles, market conditions, business or family issues) is that you may leave up to 50% of the value of your business on the table, and share a greater portion of the proceeds with ‘Uncle Sam’. With good planning, that doesn’t have to be you.

 Orchestrate Your Exit

As Don says: “a well-developed exit strategy is carefully connected to your overall business strategy.”

That’s why at This Way Out Group, we provide a Four Step Exit Strategy Framework™ to tie every strategic decision in the business, short-term and long-term, to your exit and succession strategy.

In parallel, your estate plan and exit strategy must be integrated to work in concert with each other. It takes a team approach to orchestrate how these different pieces work together. At This Way Out Group, we facilitate that team to cooperate, coordinate and collaborate in your best interest. Contact us to see how early exit planning can help you.

Start with Early Exit Planning

Working out an exit strategy the best way to start your business

Here’s an article after my own heart on early exit planning by Chris McBrien. As Chris says:

People go into business for a number of reasons. Just as relevant are the reasons that the get out of business. Having an idea of your ‘end game’ can be an important piece of the puzzle.”

He offers 7 areas for reflection every owner should take to heart.

  • how you start your business
  • what kind of business you start
  • your purpose in starting the business
  • likelihood you too will go public with an IPO
  • business legacy you want
  • your involvement beyond the sale of your business
  • seeking ideal buyers

The outcome of each of these points can vary widely depending on whether you address options and decisions early or late. Early exit planning lays the foundation for every decision you make. The earlier you start exit planning, the more options you have, the more control and leverage you maintain and the more likely you will succeed at achieving your ideal exit strategy.

His conclusion:

Whatever you envision your eventual ‘exit strategy’ to be with your business, it is often a good idea to give it some consideration early on in your venture. It may help you in steering the ship and may also provide an additional goal to assist in your overall vision and planning.”

is on point. When your compass heading is defined, clear and focused, it’s easier to steer where you want to end up. It’s easier to make short-term strategic decisions when you know the long term strategic milestones you want to hit. The end does not have to be a black hole, but can be a specific target you are aiming for with a strategy to get there.

For any business owner curious about their own early exit planning situation, we offer a free 30 minute readiness conversation. Contact us or call 508.820.3322.

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