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Whether you need a roadmap, a 12-month operations transformation, or longer support, to add value, reduce risk, or professionalize your family business; our succession strategy consulting services will get your succession plan on track and help you through a transaction and your transition to reinvention.

Succession planning to monetize your family business, whether to pass it on to heirs, engage a successor management team, groom employees as your successors, to pass ownership to an outside management team; is entirely within your control, unless you abdicate or postpone your decisions. We can help you achieve your transition to reinvention and secure your legacy and fulfill your dreams.

In our 4-Step Strategy Framework:  Plan, Stage, Drive, Achieve, everything starts with a plan.

Four Step Exit Strategy Framework

Strategy Planning Options

It’s never too early or too late to plan your business succession/transition. To assist you, we offer the following services.

Value Growth Succession Roadmap

Together, over 90 days, we begin the process of formally defining your big dream for you, your business, your team and what comes next. Includes:

  • Onsite or Virtual Consults
  • Analysis of current business and personal elements and criteria
  • Numerous Assessment Tools

Resulting in an Action Plan for Critical Next Steps – your Roadmap.

Value Growth Succession Roadmap™ starts with a number of elements, including: Know Your Number, Early vs. Late, Timeline Options, Next Step Criteria, and an exploration of all your succession and transition options.

We identify all stakeholders, value drivers, timelines; and explore critical succession strategy stages. We follow an extensive agenda and produce a 10-25 pp assessment and strategy blueprint.

We work through a tightly structured exploration of your succession strategy together to identify and outline business goals, timelines, lead-time requirements, criteria, risks, challenges, options, the required team as well as your current definition of reinvention; to ensure you can get out on your terms, on  your timeline.

You walk away with assessments, priorities and a template you can revisit periodically. You have a personal succession strategy framework for your business plan. Whether this remains private or you share it with your team and your successors, you will be better prepared for any opportunity or option that comes your way.

Staging Staging Your Business for Value

In this 12 month value enhancement program to build value in every area of your business, we take a structured systematic approach to strengthen and professionalize every area of your business adding value drivers, tracking and measuring, to transform goodwill into tangible value, to enhance the value of your business now, whether your goal is sustainability, scale-ability or indeed succession readiness. By tracking every area that will increase the value of your business at valuation, you have a business that is always buyer ready and buyer attractive.

Succession Strategy Conductor

This virtual partnership program is unique in the industry. It is a comprehensive collaboration for established companies as well as hyper-growth companies to maximize value and prepare you, the business and your family for your intended transaction and transition in 3-5 years. Together, we move through all the stages of our 4-Step Strategy Framework™ to achieve the security, success, dynasty and legacy goals you dreamed of.

As the conductor of your succession strategy, we help you prepare your family business for that ideal transition and we coordinate and facilitate your all-star team of outside advisors. In addition, we stick with you beyond the succession handoff to ensure you successfully fulfill your transition plan to reinvention beyond the business.

Your company, your team and your family are counting on you to ’Begin with the end in mind’. They trust that you have your transition plan and the business succession plan in place. Your successionplan is as essential as your original business plan and your annual operating plan.

You too can transform your family business from an income stream into a wealth-producing asset.

Even if you don’t plan to sell, scale or pass on the business to a successor in the next 3-5 years and you have a longer timeline in mind; you need to know the ROI (return on investment) of that decision on the company and your family now.  Request your own free consult now.

The earlier you start planning for your succession: the more choices you have, the more control you have, the more value you tangibly demonstrate is in the business itself, and the more likely you will pass on your business on your terms, on your timeline.

To avoid very real pitfalls that could potentially derail your succession and the transaction; plans and strategies dealing with soft side issues as well as the hard numbers need to be in place well before the deal is done in order to minimize their effect on your outcome; for both the family business and the extended family.

When it comes to maximizing your financial freedom, procrastination IS poison.

Contact us for a free 30-minute readiness conversation to determine what you need next on your timeline.

Don’t put it off.  That’s how you murder a business.

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