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I am pleased and honored to contribute to the discussion going on in your head; ignite more confidence, competence and possibility thinking; inspire you to greater strategic planning and more leadership initiative; and enable any entrepreneur or CEO to exit their business by achieving every goal they set.

All of which I hope this blog is accomplishing.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, and if I’m doing my job, you’re not exactly the same business thinker you were a year ago.

You should see at least the beginnings of the expansive, non-linear, 360˚, 10,000-foot view I want you to embrace.

You should now be thinking not about what you can’t accomplish, but of what you CAN accomplish in your business and beyond and what is honestly and significantly possible to fulfill your dream on your terms, on your timeline.

I hope you have, at a minimum, the urgency of forcing yourself out of your everyday comfort zone that produces more of the same old ideas, old solutions, and tired results; and into more, extensive, three-dimensional thinking. I hope your thinking is more expansive, more creatively oriented, and you’re looking at your business, competition, and exit opportunities from a position that is brilliantly open minded, inspired, and all encompassing.

If I’ve succeeded at all introducing you to exit essentials, you’ve opened a window into a sense of much greater possibility to formulate a plan to get out on your terms, on your timeline to your reinvention.

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