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Have you ever had to drive home on snowy roads before the plows were out? or on an icy road? It’s slippery, right? You don’t feel like you’re in control.

What’s the rule about how to drive out of a skid or a spin in that situation?

Focus on where you want to go,
not where the car appears to be going.

It’s the same with working on your goals to realize your dreams. You have to stay focused on the goals and not get discouraged or distracted.

The biggest danger for any business owner is the allure of the new shiny object. That new shiny object could be a new tool, a new marketing strategy, an affiliate offer, or a new revenue stream. The danger is that by pursuing the new shiny object, you get pulled off your path, off your timeline, away from your exit goals.

Instead, with your exit goals clearly set and your milestones keeping you on track, you are in a position to evaluate each new shiny object more objectively, as it relates to your priorities. By focusing on your goals with tenacity and almost tunnel vision, you can put those new shiny objects on the shelf, on a list, on the backburner, to consider only if they will accelerate your path to turn your business into the wealth-producing machine you deserve.

Stay Focused In Spite of Temptation

How do you do that?

  1. Before you set your task list for the day, review your long-term goal, your timeline to get there and the one-year goals you are actively working on.
  2. Identify your short-term goal priorities that are tied to your long-term goals and your exit.
  3. Build your daily tasks based on what must be done today and must be done by you to achieve those short-term goals.
  4. Finish tasks that lead to your exit goals first. Only then, and if time allows, can you consider those new shiny objects.

If you don’t focus on where you want to go with your business, and prioritize it daily; you can’t get the results that will deliver the outcome you desire.

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