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Goal achievers begin with the end in mind and an absolute conviction and commitment to achieve their big bold audacious goals. If you have an exit strategy for your business, you are already setting your business up for success, achieving outrageous goals and on track to realize your exit strategy. If you don’t have an exit strategy, you are not alone. Most businesses (of all sizes) never plan their exit strategy.

That’s not to say this is a good thing; just that the majority of businesses skip this step and then wonder why they can’t exit when they want and the way they want.

When Is The Right Time To Plan Your Exit Strategy?
There is no wrong time to plan your exit, unless you never do it.
The right time is the moment you realize that you don’t have one. That could be while you are starting your business; it could be when you launch and go live; it could be part of your annual planning retreat or your long-term planning strategy. The wrong time to plan your exit is the last 12 months before you want to move on.

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