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Accountability is one of the hardest things for owners/entrepreneurs to commit to. You deserve the rewards of building a prosperous business. To get to your ideal exit, to get goals done to be able to get out, be accountable to them.

These 8 rules are not new, but they are essential to achieve the goals that will produce the results you desire. Embrace them to achieve your wealth producing exit goals.

  1. Postpone, De-emphasize Or Quantify Less Tangible Goals such as ‘create a great work environment’. Focus on those goals that will create wealth.
  2. Communicate Each Goal clearly to every single employee/contractor/team member. This is not a one-time task. Communication must be reinforced frequently and consistently.
  3. Measure Progress Weekly If you don’t want the accountability of measuring, then you might as well skip the goal setting and a profitable exit too. Measuring monthly is not enough pressure to get results for you or your team.
  4. Responsibility Identify a Single Point of Responsibility for each goal. Lousy employees avoid responsibility. Good employees accept responsibility. Great employees seek responsibility. As the leader, which category do you exemplify? The more you can delegate to great employees, the more effectively the organization can operate without your day-to-day presence.
  5. Follow Through On Each Goal Not every goal will focus on the cool stuff (new software, creative presentation, etc). It’s not hot or glamorous to balance the budget, resolve all website bugs within 48 hours, or take customer complaints but these tasks are essential to make the business a wealth-producing machine.
  6. Reward Achievers including you. This sends a message to everyone. Achievers will get reenergized about doing their jobs. Everyone else gets the message that you are building a company that values execution and results, and takes them seriously.
  7. A Culture of Execution It’s not a one shot deal. It’s a way of life, part of the corporate culture, the fabric of the company that adds measurable value. To establish a culture of goal execution, set an example by meeting your own operational and strategic goals, responding to clients effectively, and measuring the progress of each team member.
  8. Morpheus in The Matrix, gave Neo a choice between the red pill and the blue pill. That cold, brutal reality Morpheus offered Neo is your ally for execution of your goals to achieve your exit move on to your reinvention. Find your Morpheus to distribute the red pills and enable your team to see things as they really are to get optimum results.

Start with your freedom number and only set goals you can focus on and want to be accountable for achieving, to produce the wealth you desire.

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