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To achieve the short-term and long-term goals you know you can attain in your business, with your team and your clients, you must implement plans and systems. Only when you institute systems and processes can you track and measure the results to ensure the business achieves your objectives on your timeline.

Those same systems and processes will give you a foundation for your forecasts that a buyer will put great weight on in deciding to acquire your business and at what price.

The systems, plans, processes you develop in your business model and implement in the company will make you more money.

1.      Get Organized and Get Control

  • Track everything you do
  • Track every project
  • Review and Measure results
  • Decide what to change – only 1 thing at a time
  • Compare results

2. Systems for Everything

  • Immediately save $15K/yr
  • Be in control using other people
  • Reporting systems
  • Automated Reports
  • Schedule everything

3. Your Own Operations Manual

  • Streamline what you do
  • Refine processes – fewer mistakes, omissions, more efficient, can be planned, scheduled and measured
  • Prepare for growth:
    • Hiring, delegating, outsourcing
    •  Tools to grow into
    • How

4. Time Management Tools

  • 18 month strategic plan – track to plan
  • Implementation calendar – measure results
  • Comprehensive calendar in Outlook/Google (actual & ideal)
  • Automation – to save time, save money.  Look at short term cost  vs. long term gain.

5. Financial Planning Tools

  • Excel, QuickBooks, Bookkeeper, Accountant, Payroll services
  • Cost analysis of each decision
  • Revenue analysis of each decision
  • What If Scenarios in Excel before in your checkbook

6. Marketing Action Plans

  • Integrated tasks (event, sale, post card campaign, telephone query, social media, etc)
  • Aligned with Financial Plan
  • Quantify expected results (leads, responses, qualified prospects,  closes)
  • Measure results – financial, time, return, quality of prospects/clients

7. Accountability Systems

  • Schedule/Booking system
  • An Assistant/Virtual Assistant
  • Accountability Tools (paper, software, CDs, books)
  • Board of Advisors
  • Mastermind Teams
  • Mentors/Advisors/Boss/Family
  • Financial Reward Systems  time and $$$

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