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CEO Supersaver Summer Offer

Save 40%                  Offer ends Sunday, July 15

It’s never too early or too late to plan your exit.

There’s always a lull in business from Independence Day through Labor Day
when many people take advantage of the season to get out of the office and take vacation. Myself, I just returned from almost two weeks on Cape Cod.

As a result, operationally, things are a bit easier to manage over the summer.
I want you to take advantage of the freed up time to dedicate just
one day to planning how you intend to get out.

Instead of putting it off one more time, like 95% of all business owners do,
I want you to start planning for your reinvention this summer.

I also wanted to make it easy, quick and painless.

Act now. This offer expires Sunday, 7/15.

 A One-Day Exit Planning Consult

We work through a tightly structured exploration of your exit strategy to identify and outline business goals, timelines, lead-time requirements, criteria, risks, options, the required team & your definition of reinvention; to ensure you can get out on your terms on your timeline.

You walk away with worksheets, assessments and a template you can revisit periodically. You have a personal exit strategy to drop into your business plan. Whether this remains private or you share it with your team, I guarantee you will be better prepared for any exit opportunity that comes your way.


It’s all about results. CEOs who spend a day with me one-on-one:

  1. Establish a clear idea of where they are going and why.
  2. Know their ‘number’ (to get out).
  3. Have an equation to calculate the value of their business now.
  4. Have a timeline for exit decision making —
    [This is the Secret the transaction experts WANT you to know but no one tells you:     It takes 2-5 years to exit successfully!].
  5. Understand the tradeoffs between how to get out and the terms of their exit.
  6. Start exploring and planning for their reinvention beyond the business.
  7. Walk away with all the answers, insights and decisions made to complete a 10 page exit plan they can slide into their strategic plan ready for implementation.


Some of your benefits of spending one day (or two half days) on exit planning:

  • Easier/simpler to exit when you want and how you want to
  • Avoid hurdles, obstacles and risks
  • Leverage results early
  • Low upfront cost, low risk effort
  • Business is easier/more attractive to sell
  • Business stability and continuity secured
  • Clarity, confirmation & incentive to build out your business towards your ideal exit, and move on to your next steps/reinvention
  • Increase value of the business, making it more appealing to a strategic buyer
  • Expand exit options
  • Stronger negotiating position whenever a potential buyer inquiry comes along (maybe years earlier than you thought possible)


Bankers and attorneys have valued this consult at $8,000.
As a virtual consult (no travel) I offer it for $2,500.

This week only, I’m offering the same one day consult
(to be booked for July or August) for just $1,497
(that’s another $1,000 off).

Must be booked and paid for by Sunday, July 15.

Is this of interest to you or CEOs you know?
Email me now to take advantage of this offer.

Forward this email to anyone you know who needs to start planning their exit now— that includes every business owner who has even an inkling of selling/scaling or grooming a successor in the next 2-5 years.

Fact: If you do not have an exit strategy yet, you need to start planning now.
Book Your Private Consult Now.

Plan Your Exit From The Outset

Exit Statistics

  • 95% of all business owners have no exit plan
  • 90% never scale, sell or pass the business to a successor
  • CEOs walk away with only 50-70% of the value of their business.
  • Because of a lack of planning by sellers, buyers have more leverage in  the selling

Don’t be one of them!

Call 508.820.3322 or email me now. 

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