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The problems, excuses and barriers to achieving big hairy audacious goals boil down to three underlying defects. Dozens of other reasons can be collected under the umbrella of these three primary reasons.

  1. Self-sabotage
  2. No strategic focus
  3. Risk averse

We continue here with the second reason.

No Strategic Focus

Ninety-five percent of all owners don’t have a strategic focus for their business. They don’t know what they should be doing as the leader of their enterprise. They are more than busy, scrambling hand to mouth or from fire to fire, with no time for anything more. They believe there’s no time left for planning, strategy, scheduling, budgeting, forecasting, contingency planning or succession planning – never mind exit planning. Their priority is always tactics and today; the future can wait. For example:

  1. They don’t know what it will take or cost them to achieve their goals. They are running blind. Either they don’t know it or they avoid thinking about it so they don’t have to see their risky behavior.
  2. They are still stuck being the technician, the expert, the professional in their business. That’s a great place to start your business but based on that paradigm, you can’t build a business that will produce the wealth and financial freedom you need in the long run.
  3. They are very good at what they do but never took time to set up the business to support that expertise/offering. When your time is consumed in delivering product or services and there’s no time to structure the business to run independently, you haven’t built a business, you’ve simply hired yourself for your technical prowess. Without a strategic focus and a systematic plan to work yourself out of a job, you can never retire and you can never maximize the valuation of the business.
  4. They have no clear focus on what they should be doing. They are comfortable in the everyday “busy-ness” working in the business. Their effort has no larger, longer-term objective.
  5. They have no clear focus of what they are driving the business to achieve. When you don’t have a long-term goal, you will never know when you get there. And you can easily drift in any direction that a “new shiny object” takes you.
  6. Even if they have an overarching goal stated, it’s not broken down to meaningful and achievable milestone goals. Thus, no one takes action to achieve them. owners have the business in their head. Their team doesn’t. So even if they share their big hairy audacious goals with their team, unless they can break it down to what that means for each department and each team member, these people don’t know what action to take to achieve the owner’s goal, because it wasn’t explained in terms on which they could take direct action. Therefore, nothing happens.
  7. They have no tracking and measuring in place. Without tracking and measuring tools to monitor results, the CEO has no information on which to make decisions, develop a strategy or set even bigger goals. Without the reports and data, no decisions are made and no actions are taken.
  8. They don’t have metrics or key performance indicators in place. Every business has metrics and key performance indicators. But most owners don’t know what they should be or even ask for them. Without a dashboard of key performance indicators to focus on, the owner is left blind in making decisions to move ahead.
  9. They still run their business as a hobby, not a business. When this is the case, the marketplace treats them as a hobby business too. Sadly, too many owners excel at creating and selling their products but neglect building out the foundation for their business. By not focusing on the business as a business, they stumble forward by luck with no plan, constraining growth and minimizing the company’s value.
  10. They never accepted the mantle of ownership and leadership. Entrepreneurs who won’t lead, should not claim the title of owner of a business. Even with the best product in their market and great team players, they can’t maximize profits because they lack the business acumen to grow or sell the business. Their narrow focus prevents them from achieving the financial freedom they wanted their business to produce.
  11. They lack, or never learned, the skill sets required for leadership and team building. Not everyone is a born leader. Not everyone has an aptitude to learn these key social skills. Owners who are not interested in developing key leadership and team building skills struggle in the role, resisting what it takes to excel.

It’s natural to focus on what you know and what you do best. However, it’s irresponsible for so many owners to avoid, sidestep and procrastinate about laying a business foundation and a strategic focus that could totally prevent their demise.

“You must remain focused on
your journey to greatness.”
— Les Brown:a top Motivational Speaker and Best-Selling Author

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