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 “Leverage is a vitally important fundamental concept that is central to your deal-making success.”
~ Jay Abraham

Your Real Wealth Isn’t In Starting Your Business

You will never realize your real wealth by starting your business.

In fact, your wealth won’t be made simply by growing your business either. The bottom line is that your real wealth will only be made from the profits of selling your business. Your best option is when you can sell to someone who will pay a premium for your business because they [the prospective buyer/acquirer] believes they can generate even more value from the business you’ve worked so hard to build.

The most successful entrepreneurs create exit strategy plans; plans that layout their roadmap to grow their business so they can exit [get out] for the maximum valuation (dollar amount value) within a specified time period.

You can too because when you build a business to exit (whether via an internal/external sale, IPO or an acquisition), you set very different strategies and goals from the outset than when you simply try to ‘grow’ a business.

You see, your short-term results and success, and your long-term results and success are NOT mutually exclusive. When you build your business with a strong foundation including a defined exit plan, you can maximize short-term revenues and profits, while building and aligning your company for that multi-million dollar exit on your terms.

Since 1999, we have been developing exit strategy plans for our clients. Importantly, many of these clients who executed these plans, have since realized their high dollar exit dreams, which they had not known they could achieve. They are fulfilling the precise lifestyle dream they had when they first launched their businesses.

Your real wealth isn’t in starting your business. It’s in how you exit. 

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