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Demonstrating and documenting productivity improvement efforts directly adds value to your team and adds value to the business itself that your prospective buyer can visibly see in action.

You instinctively know when you are being extremely productive. You get more done. You get more of the right things done. You effortlessly get the most important things done. Isn’t it when you are focused on your highest priorities?

Too often we equate productivity with being ‘busy’, ‘very busy’, ‘too busy’. It is easy to be extremely ‘busy’ reading all the newsletters in your inbox or filing away all the files and reports you’ve used all day. Instead, ask yourself:

“Is this the most valuable activity I should be doing right now?
What’s the most important thing that has to happen today
and has to be done by me?”

Busy-ness is not the same as being productive.

To get more time and achieve your goals, be sure you do two things: increase productivity in the allotted time and always address your highest priorities first.

To Increase Productivity

  1. Set your daily task list to address your goals first. Commit to the next step and get it done.
  2. Set aside a time and place to work uninterrupted (no appointments, no calls, no emails, no distractions).
  3. Tackle the most critical task of the day when you are at your peak for performance; often you will be most productive early in the day. In the context of exit essentials, you will ideally work on your exit plan and all aspects of it every day, first thing.
  4. Limit the time you expend on reading and answering email, say 30 minutes twice daily – and stick to this rule. Like a diet, you’ll see the difference over time, not overnight.
  5. Organize your time to group ‘like tasks’ together. For example, it’s more efficient to make all your calls/callbacks at the same time. You’re in control, and with a list of calls to make, you can more easily keep each call short and to the point.

Priorities and productivity are co-dependent objectives when you are trying to get something done. Both require focus, discipline, responsibility and accountability.

To get more time, and get more done in the time you have, you need to increase productivity.

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