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Exit Strategy Pioneer Offers Alternative to Help the 90% of All Business Owners who Close Down With Nothing.

Serial entrepreneur and exit strategist Kerri Salls releases Selling Your Business for Maximum Profit to prepare the 8M baby boomer business owners who want to cash out by 2018.

Boston, Massachusetts (PRWEB) 21, May 2014

This Way Out Group LLC, the elite provider of early exit strategy services in the lower middle market, announces that Managing Director Kerri Salls, the pioneering exit strategy leader behind the groundbreaking 4 Step Exit Strategy Framework™ has released her complete system, Selling Your Business for Maximum Profit. This program will ensure that owners of private and family owned businesses can avoid being part of that 90% failure statistic, when implemented years before they intend to harvest the wealth in their business.

Selling Your Business for Maximum Profit is for all business owners who think they want to sell their business in the next 2-7 years. If they are counting on making the most money possible when they sell their business, they can’t afford to wait, postpone, deny or ignore these essential steps in the process to avoid 5 deadly mistakes that most business owners make when planning their exit strategy.

In this comprehensive program, Kerri shows owners how to plan and transform their income producing business into a wealth-producing asset that can be monetized to fund their reinvention, whether they move on to a new venture, adventure, avocation or a favorite hobby. Kerri’s early exit planning approach is revolutionizing an industry where historically, selling business owners are ill equipped to leverage any transaction to achieve their dreams in business and beyond, and only a dismal 10% ever cash out.

As Kerri teaches in Selling Your Business for Maximum Profit, it takes 2-5 years to accelerate growth and maximize value to make a business buyer ready and buyer attractive. In Selling Your Business for Maximum Profit, Kerri takes owners by the hand and leads them through a step-by-step system that Kerri says any business owner can learn and apply.

But until now, no one ever told owners that early exit planning was essential or that it takes just as much time, effort and focus to be able to cash out as it did to start and grow their business.

Selling Your Business for Maximum Profit includes the A-Z reference manual, HARVEST Your Wealth, and the companion 5 hours of audio training alongside the ultimate resource, their own personalized plan creation workbook, to apply these modules to their own business in bite-size pieces.

David Corbin says: “Implement the tools and strategies from HARVEST Your Wealth and you will live and sleep with peace. Why? Because you will control the destiny of your business AND your life. The wisdom and knowledge that Kerri Salls shares in this book is worth its weight in gold, literally. It is a must read for any serious entrepreneur.” And Joel Bauer says: “Without Kerri’s book, HARVEST Your Wealth, you are planning to fail in life.”

Selling Your Business for Maximum Profits reveals Kerri’s simple, step-by-step proven system, enabling any business owner to make their business both buyer ready and buyer attractive so they can cash out of their business to cash in on their reinvention dream. “The key to my effectiveness,” she says, “is based on a coordinated collaborative approach to build value and plan an owner’s exit in parallel. I give readers the decision and planning tools they need, to maximize their profits from selling, scaling or passing on their business to successors.”

Kerri has simplified what is often a daunting and intimidating process down to simple methods, tools, templates and checklists that prepare owners for the biggest payday of their life. It covers:

  • How to transform an income generating business into a wealth-producing machine they can sell or scale on their terms and on their timeline.
  • How to accelerate growth, maximize value and make their business both buyer ready and buyer attractive
  • How to optimize the growth whether they want to sell in three years or thirty years.
  • And so much more

Details and purchase information for Selling Your Business for Maximum Profits by Kerri Salls are available at

At This Way Out Group LLC,, Managing Director, Kerri Salls is leading a revolution in the exit planning field. As a prominent exit strategist and mentor who prepares lower middle market owners and entrepreneurs to achieve their optimum exit outcome, she has created a new early exit planning paradigm focused on the selling business owner, starting well before transaction advisors get involved, in order to increase the seller’s leverage at the negotiating table.

Since 2012, Kerri Salls has been the host of the groundbreaking podcast radio show Exit This Way on URBusiness Network and has produced over 160 shows discussing the idea that “it’s never too early or too late to plan your exit.”
Kerri Salls
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