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There’s a lot on your plate when you start a business. Of course, you need to be clear on your mission and vision, your business model, your market research, marketing and sales strategy and your operations to implement your business plan. You can be consumed by the day to day responsibilities and urgent demand. All of this eats up time.

There’s another critical piece that’s easy to put off but very critical to achieving your long term goals and that is your exit strategy.

If you set your exit strategy as part of your initial goal setting then all your goal achievements will lead towards your ideal exit strategy.

Here are 5 recommendations to ensure you set goals that get you to a successful exit:

1. Choose the right exit strategy for your goals
You have monthly and annual goals for your business. You want to commit to these intermediate goals only if they are aligned with your long term goals and the ultimate goal achievement of your ideal exit strategy.

2. Set business growth goals aligned with your exit strategy
Your growth goals are essential to the healthy, strength and survival of your business. When you look at your growth goals in the context of the exit strategy you want to implement, be sure your growth goals are taking you in the same direction. Growth that is in conflict with your exit plan or competes with your long term goals will hurt the business and limit your ability to achieve your exit strategy.

3. Identify goals to increase value
The value of the business is not just in terms of assets or cash flow. It’s also in your intellectual property. Your intellectual property could be in your team, your processes, the relationships you cultivate and maintain with clients and vendors, etc. So your goals to increase value before your exit could be in these less quantifiable areas that translate into a much higher valuation for the firm.

4. Plan your exit strategy by intention rather than by default
This sounds like a lot of work. In fact, it is. But, if you don’t do the work to plan your exit – then your dream of achieving an ideal lifestyle, living your legacy and leaving a dynasty – then you are abdicating both the responsibility and the reward. If you don’t plan your exit by design, then you will settle for what you get by default.

5. Systematize your exit strategy to maximize value
The more you can systematize your business so someone else can run it equally well without out you, the more a buyer will be willing to pay you to keep it going. The better you are at systematizing everything, the easier it is for a broker to pitch and leverage that value for a higher price. This step takes discipline and consistency starting long before you intend to exit.

Apply these five recommendations to get the results you want. That’s how you achieve every goal you set. That’s how you ensure your own successful exit strategy

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