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“One of the first success lessons I learned as a teenager is that the majority is usually WRONG!  In his “Lead the Field” Program, Earl Nightingale said ‘if you want be successful and don’t have a good model to follow, then take a look at what everyone else is doing and do the opposite’…because the majority is usually WRONG!”  ~ Dan Kennedy

That’s the way I feel about goal-setting experts too. Their solution starts and ends with the goals themselves. They inspire and motivate. They offer insights on passion, vision, purpose and desire.

But that’s where they leave you – hanging. They don’t take you to the promised land of goal achievement for growth, prosperity and your ideal exit.

They may acknowledge and encourage the notion that implementation is the key. However, you are left to your own devices (strengths and weaknesses) to:

  • figure out how on your own
  • find the time to implement
  • actually take action to see results
  • inspire and lead your team to believe in the goal
  • stay focused, accountable and on track
  • pursue and achieve the goal of your transition to reinvention

That’s a tall order for any CEO business owner whose focus is on producing and selling a product or service.

I want you to have a sustainable, scalable, saleable business that produces more profits and more free time to achieve your dreams by working yourself out of day-to-day responsibilities. I want you to stop murdering your business like more than 95% of all CEOs and business owners.

We can help. If you know anyone who has questions relating to exiting their business, please forward my contact information to them. I’d be happy to assist in whatever way I can.

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