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If you really own the CEO role and responsibilities, you always have an eye out for the bigger picture of what you want your business to become with a purpose much bigger than yourself. Successful entrepreneurs know their strengths and build on those strengths to successfully achieve their vision. The most successful CEOs are very disciplined strategists who stay focused on their own goals, their own “blue sky strategy” and are not easily distracted by “new shiny object syndrome.”

If this were the only secret to being a CEO who launches a business that explodes in the marketplace, then indeed we would see the 95% failure rate dip a bit. But that’s not the only secret you need to know to make a dent in that statistic.

The problem for the majority of CEOs is that they never grasp the elements that are central to their long-term success. They unintentionally and unconsciously set themselves up to never achieve their goals and never realize the wealth and freedom their businesses could provide.

Ninety-five percent of all entrepreneurs are locked into running a business that perpetuates the three fatal flaws compounded by the three biggest oversights.

By bringing each flaw and oversight out into the open and identifying each one, entrepreneurs wearing their CEO hats can take the first steps to reverse course. Instead of murdering their business, they can lay a foundation for success, prosperity, achieving goals and transitioning out of the business on their own terms.

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