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HARVEST Your Wealth


Exit Essentials for Your Business educates and prepares you the business owner to monetize your business on your terms when you plan to get out, instead of simply shuttering the business and walking away with nothing.
Only when you prepare the business for a clean, solid, and profitable exit can you expect to cash out of the business to cash in on your future.

Written by expert exit strategist Kerri Salls, HARVEST YOUR WEALTH reveals the secrets the transaction experts want entrepreneurs like you to know before selling a business, but no one has been telling you until now.

Read This Book to Harvest Your Wealth or Leave Money on the Table.

In this book, Salls focuses on the needs of owners like you to make your business buyer ready and buyer attractive; providing exit planning from the seller’s perspective before the transaction experts, or the buyers come into the picture. The urgency for you as a baby boomer to act now cannot be overstated.

Here are the resources, tools and insight to encourage entrepreneurs and business owners like you to, as she says, “Plan your exit from the outset

Implement the tools and strategies from Harvest Your Wealth and you will live and sleep with peace. Why? Because you will control the destiny of your business AND your life. The wisdom and knowledge that Kerri Salls shares in this book is worth it’s weight in gold, literally. It is a must read for any serious entrepreneur

– David M.Corbin www.davidcorbin.com

An Esteemed Mentor, Speaker, Author, and Radio Show Host

Kerri Salls is revolutionizing the exit planning/transition to reinvention industry to bring the need, options and services available into the light for you to engage early in your business life cycle. Salls is the founder and CEO of This Way Out Group LLC.

Kerri Salls’ new book, Harvest Your Wealth, is a clarion call for owners of small and medium sized privately held businesses. It might have been titled; “Don’t Leave Your Money on the Table When You Sell Your Business!

– Dave Franzetta www.ubiquitouswisdom.com

Without Kerri’s book, Harvest Your Wealth, you are planning to fail in life.

– Joel Bauer, Author, Infotainer www.infotainer.com

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Kerri Salls advocates for early exits, especially over the next five years for baby boomers. In HARVEST YOUR WEALTH, not only does she tell you why but she tells you what to do about it. You can’t afford to wait. Get your copy now.

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