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8 Figure Valuation Roadmap – Registration is Open

If You Desire to Ever Sell, Scale or
Pass on Your Business for $10M+
You Can’t Afford to Wait.
You Need This Roadmap Now

November 6, 2014



This Way Out Group is offering a full-day interactive and practical session on building value in your business and a timeline of available exit options and strategies.


8 Figure Valuation Roadmap with Kerri Salls banner


This 8 Figure Valuation Roadmap with Kerri Salls offers you a confidential personal assessment of your business’ value drivers relative to other companies. In addition, this one-day transformation immersion will give you insight, perspective, tools and a roadmap to:

  • accelerate growth and
  • maximize the value of your business now.



A limited number of Scholarship Discount Tickets are available until September 21.
See the Registration page for details.

VIP Master Pass Tickets offer extensive services and assets before, during and after the event.
Check out the Registration page now for details.





  • Starting, growing, adding value and exit planning are an integrated continuum – all are essential to maximize value and monetize your business.


  • You can better position your business for amazing growth and increasing value if you start with a plan


  • An action plan that adds value to your business immediately and prepares you and your business to attract the highest valuation opportunities


  • The roadmap to drive the process to a transaction to guarantee your transition to reinvention


  • Identifying, communicating and testing your reinvention plans. Ensuring that your next venture, adventure, avocation or opportunity is even more engaging, compelling and fun than the business you let go


Along the way, we’ll address:

  • Hard skills to maximize value and wealth
  • Soft skills and expertise to monetize every asset
  • Your Next Steps


Intended Audience

The 8 Figure Valuation Roadmap is a fit if you are the Owner/CEO/President/Founder of businesses with current revenues up to $30M.

Whether you plan to monetize your business in the next 3-5 years or not for another 3 decades, this program is essential, now. Even if you only have an inkling of what that future looks like, you need this immersion training now.

This program is not suitable for experts, advisors or other company officers.

Seating is limited. Register early for Thursday, November 6, 2014.


Why This Seminar?

To guarantee you can cash out of your business
to cash in on that life beyond your business,
because of the value you can prove is in your business.

Stagnant 95% Statistic

It’s devastating. Ninety-five percent of all businesses never achieve their goals for the business and beyond, not to mention the long-term financial expectations for their families. This 95% statistic is widely accepted as an unchangeable fact and “the risk of doing business.

I can’t understand why it is still the accepted norm. Just like you confront and address every other risk you face in business, why not illuminate this gap, address it and fix it. I want to help you minimize the risk and overcome this statistical barrier to your success, to fulfill your dreams.

The core causes of this problem have been around since you launched your business. The solutions aren’t easy but they are so inexpensive that you can afford to implement every one and still stay within your budget. The key is, that we must reveals the flaws of businesses today and owners’ biggest self-imposed barriers.

The solution I present is a system that builds a strong foundation for your business, whether:

  •  You are just starting out, or you’ve been in business a while
  •  You have a team or no team
  •  You have revenues less than $100K or more than $10M
  •  You are on a fast-track to be acquired or want to cash out to pursue your reinvention

When you systematize your entire enterprise for long-term results, it will transform your business and your life. You will gain time, control, freedom and flexibility all while the business prospers, grows and breaks through to achieve new heights of success you didn’t dare dream of – until now. Everything you do to accelerate growth and maximize value makes the business more buyer ready and buyer attractive.

If you are in business delivering product, content or services, then you have a few options to grow your business exponentially. Simplistically, your choices are to:

  •  increase the number of clients
  •  increase the volume you sell/client
  •  increase prices
  •  decrease costs
  •  or a combination of these four

When you take action to build a sale-able business, you join the 5% who successfully complete the transaction and transition to their reinvention.

Baby-boomer Sellers’ Opportunity

Here’s the recipe you need to set up in order to have the licensed transaction experts at the end, competing to sell your business and to have buyers eager to buy on your terms on your timeline:

  • Start succession planning early
  • Maximize valuation
  • Accelerate growth
  • Plan an early exit
  • Make your business buyer attractive

It’s worth the time invested all along the way for you to be able to exit with the financial freedom to pursue your reinvention.

How Does Systematizing Help You Accelerate Growth And Maximize Value?

To some extent, all business owners start their business on passion and prayer. As inspiration, motivation, and drive – you do need both passion and prayer.

However, the most notable businesses that we remember and talk about are not the thousands of businesses that get started each year. Rather they are those enterprises that look like and act like a thriving business entity. Those businesses that survive, flourish and grow are distinctive in a number of areas. These are the business owners who actively and intentionally become strategic entrepreneurs. Here are some of the benefits they obtain as a direct result of systematizing their businesses.

  1. Run your business as a business with goals, budgets, strategy, campaigns, customer centric, attentive to market trends and outside influences,
  2. Keep accurate current financials. Do not run the entire business out of the checkbook. They can withstand a complete audit.
  3. Use credit and debt responsibly to grow the business because it’s built into their strategic plan
  4. Take direction from their Boards. Leverage their Board of Directors and Board of Advisors wisely. All because they documented their strategic plan for using their boards and trained their boards from the beginning
  5. Are responsive to the market because they have systems in place to monitor, the prospect market, the competition and outside influences
  6. They build a strong team of experts around them by expecting everyone to document standards and systems in their area of expertise from inception, company value is evident and not dependent on one individual
  7. They can master the art of delegating, outsourcing, and automating in every area of their business – because they have a recorded every process, policy and system to be repeatable by someone else.
  8. They see their productivity escalate by adhering to these systems and the team can emulate this use of systems to get more done too
  9. With governance and legal documents and forms always up to date – these businesses are always ready for an eager buyer’s due diligence
  10. With growth forecasts and goals in hand, they can anticipate capital requirements and capital expenditures and develop attractive options and minimize risks
  11. New systems they implement are designed for the company to grow into, replacing the systems they’ve outgrown that are holding them back
  12. They are very resilient and responsive because they always have a Plan B for every eventuality
  13. All their short-term and long-term decisions and goals have always been tied to what it would take to fulfill their Exit Plan

Systemization is a critical aspect of grooming the business for sale. It takes time to plan, decide, implement and monitor results of your strategic systemization. You will develop Key Performance Indicators to evaluate and refine these systems. When you package up those same Key Performance Indicators as a trends report with 2-3 years data – it becomes powerful proof to persuade your buyer of the value they are buying.

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