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You Can’t Go To School to Learn This Stuff

Schools just don’t teach this stuff, especially for private businesses. They focus on starting and running a strong profitable business, not how you’ll get out or how you’ll get your money out.

Most business owners only go through the exit experience once in a lifetime. They have no experience or hindsight to draw from to do this right.

There is only limited primary reference material available to teach CEOs how to plan and manage the business exit. The anecdotal lessons from CEOs’ personal exits reinforce the difficulties of exiting on your terms and on your timeline.

Comprehensive early exit strategy support is in short supply. Effectively executing your exit strategy requires collaborative teamwork from and with your expert advisors. You need to own the exit process as your top priority. An exit strategist can become your most trusted strategic advisor to achieve that end.

An entrepreneur who tries to continue running the company operationally and prepare the company for their profitable exit will do neither well. When you build an expert team, you can plan your exit to achieve your ultimate goal.

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