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Define Your End Game – Plan Your Exit From the Outset
Join me in Keene NH. My February Lunch and Learn program at Hannah Grimes Center is Thursday, February 20, at noon.

Define Your End Game –Plan Your Exit From the Outset

Cost: free.
To sign up for a session, contact Jillian at the Hannah Grimes Center or call 603-352-5063. 
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If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, or an early stage entrepreneur launching your own business:

  • What do you dream of achieving with your business?
  • In the end, what do you want out of your business?

To ensure your business becomes a wealth-producing machine, you must define your end game from the outset.
In this presentation, exit strategist, Kerri Salls reveals strategies and secrets your expert advisors want you to know but no one told you.

You will learn:

  • 4 reasons why you need to define your end game now (even before you make a profit)
  • 6 long-term options that give you more choices and flexibility and can minimize your tax burden
  • 4 short-term options if you intend to fast-track your business to an exit
  • How to use timing, valuation, and contingencies to gain leverage

Kerri Salls, Managing Director at This Way Out Group LLC is leading a revolution in the exit planning field. As a prominent exit strategist and mentor who prepares owners and entrepreneurs to achieve their optimum exit plan, she helps owners establish a strong foundation to accelerate growth, and maximize value; and to design, execute, and orchestrate an exit strategy that creates wealth.

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