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After Your Exit Transaction – What’s Next?

I am pleased and honored to contribute to the discussion going on in your head; ignite more confidence, competence and possibility thinking; inspire you to greater strategic planning and more leadership initiative; and enable any entrepreneur or CEO to exit their business by achieving every goal they set.

All of which I hope this blog is accomplishing.

If you’ve been reading this blog for any length of time, and if I’m doing my job, you’re not exactly the same business thinker you were a year ago.

You should see at least the beginnings of the expansive, non-linear, 360˚, 10,000-foot view I want you to embrace.

You should now be thinking not about what you can’t accomplish, but of what you CAN accomplish in your business and beyond and what is honestly and significantly possible to fulfill your dream on your terms, on your timeline.

I hope you have, at a minimum, the urgency of forcing yourself out of your everyday comfort zone that produces more of the same old ideas, old solutions, and tired results; and into more, extensive, three-dimensional thinking. I hope your thinking is more expansive, more creatively oriented, and you’re looking at your business, competition, and exit opportunities from a position that is brilliantly open minded, inspired, and all encompassing.

If I’ve succeeded at all introducing you to exit essentials, you’ve opened a window into a sense of much greater possibility to formulate a plan to get out on your terms, on your timeline to your reinvention.

HARVEST YOUR WEALTH — Exit Essentials for Your Business


This Way Out Group LLC announces the release of HARVEST YOUR WEALTH – Exit Essentials for Your Business by exit strategist, author, speaker, and radio host, Kerri Salls to help business owners cash out of their business so they can cash in on their future.

FRAMINGHAM, MA (January 21, 2013) – This Way Out Group (, the break-out boutique services firm providing comprehensive collaborative exit planning services announced today the release of HARVEST YOUR WEALTH – Exit Essentials for Your Business (This Way Out Press $17.97 on Amazon) by CEO and author, Kerri Salls. HARVEST YOUR WEALTH – Exit Essentials for Your Business educates and prepares business owners to monetize their business on their terms when they plan to get out, instead of simply shuttering the business and walking away. Only when an owner prepares the business for a clean, solid, and profitable exit can they expect to cash out of the business to cash in on their future. Written by expert exit strategist Kerri Salls, HARVEST YOUR WEALTH reveals the secrets the transaction experts want entrepreneurs to know before selling a business, but no one has been telling them until now.
In HARVEST YOUR WEALTH, Salls introduces the 95% of all entrepreneurs and owners who do not have an exit plan for their business to the decisions, choices, options and opportunities they need to know about years before they decide to get out of their business. She advocates for early exits, especially over the next five years for baby boomers.

Salls says, “HARVEST YOUR WEALTH gives the owner/entrepreneur more control and leverage getting out. Plenty has been written on starting and growing a company. Very little has been written on exits, on monetizing that investment to be able to get out. What has been written has focused on the financial and legal side of the exit transaction or from the advisor or the buyer’s perspective.”

Less than 10% of business owners who put their companies up for sale actually get the deal done. (2010 Survey of Brokers and Buyers by MidMarket Capital) “[Exiting small business] owners are preparing for the deal of a lifetime with possibly zero experience.” (MorganStanley SmithBarney publication, 2011) [via Blackbridge Newsletter 2011]

They think they’ll be able to sell when they want for what they want with no lead-time or preparation of the business, the team or the business owner. That’s a diet of hope and promises that will satisfy no one. Because of a lack of pre-planning, 95% of all business owners are leaving up to 50% of the value of their business on the table when they exit.

In this book, Salls focuses on the needs of owners to make their business buyer ready and buyer attractive; on exit planning from the seller’s perspective before the transaction experts, or the buyers come into the picture. The urgency for baby boomers to act now cannot be overstated.

HARVEST YOUR WEALTH provides steps, checklists, assessments, questions and exercises all business owners must consider in order to take control and achieve their goals in the business and beyond. Salls provides the resources, tools and insight to encourage entrepreneurs and business owners to, as she says, “Plan their exit from the outset.”

Salls started her career in the Peace Corps in West Africa and then spent a decade accumulating multi-million dollar corporate achievements before launching her first business in 1988. She has been active in business strategy and exit planning for 40 years.

This Way Out Group LLC [] has been refining and applying a holistic system to assist business owners since 1999 specifically to help owners transform an income generating business into a wealth-producing machine so they can sell or scale the business on their terms on their timeline. Partnering with the business owner 2-5 years before their expected exit, we help established and hyper-growth companies prepare for and achieve their optimum exit strategy. We help owners to accelerate sales, optimize growth, and maximize value to make their business buyer ready and buyer attractive so they can get out and move on to the next venture, adventure or avocation.

HARVEST YOUR WEALTH – Exit Essentials for Your Business is available at Amazon and other outlets or at


Exit Essentials – How to Get Out

Can You Help?

Here’s my introduction to why I’m raising funds to publish this book.

I help owners and entrepreneurs to prepare their optimum business exit strategy. I’ve been consulting to entrepreneurs and business owners since 1988, helping them build a stronger company that can grow to fulfill the owner’s dreams.

My project is publishing and promoting my new book,

Exit Essentials – How to Get Out – Exit Planning for Entrepreneurs

Exit Essentials is for every business owner to wants to take control of their own exit planning.
It makes exit planning easy, painless and risk free for the owner.

  Exit Essentials is essential reading for the 21 million Baby Boomer
business owners expecting to sell their business over the
next 15 years. This book is urgently needed by fast-track
CEOs, serial entrepreneurs and Baby Boomer business
owners who are leaving 30-50% of the value of their business on the table,
accepting a lesser sale price and compromising their retirement.

Stephen Covey taught us to “begin with the end in mind“.
That wisdom applies to your business as well.

  Most business owners are not prepared to sell, pass on, let go, or in any way leave the businesses they have built. They don’t know how.

That’s exactly why this book needs to be published. With your help, we can get it released this year.

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