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Exit Essentials – How to Get Out

Can You Help?

Here’s my introduction to why I’m raising funds to publish this book.

I help owners and entrepreneurs to prepare their optimum business exit strategy. I’ve been consulting to entrepreneurs and business owners since 1988, helping them build a stronger company that can grow to fulfill the owner’s dreams.

My project is publishing and promoting my new book,

Exit Essentials – How to Get Out – Exit Planning for Entrepreneurs

Exit Essentials is for every business owner to wants to take control of their own exit planning.
It makes exit planning easy, painless and risk free for the owner.

  Exit Essentials is essential reading for the 21 million Baby Boomer
business owners expecting to sell their business over the
next 15 years. This book is urgently needed by fast-track
CEOs, serial entrepreneurs and Baby Boomer business
owners who are leaving 30-50% of the value of their business on the table,
accepting a lesser sale price and compromising their retirement.

Stephen Covey taught us to “begin with the end in mind“.
That wisdom applies to your business as well.

  Most business owners are not prepared to sell, pass on, let go, or in any way leave the businesses they have built. They don’t know how.

That’s exactly why this book needs to be published. With your help, we can get it released this year.

There are rewards, bonuses and perks for every donation – no matter how big or small, every donation is critical to achieving the goal. Check it out here: 

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