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Growth: The Best Road to Value and Liquidity

Exit Planning Exchange

The Sixth Annual Summit



2014 summit logo

The Conference Center 

at Bentley University

 Waltham, Massachusetts

May 2, 2014

      Join fellow advisers and business owners to explore the many facets of growth.  The day is packed with great opportunities to connect, learn and explore.

     Some of the opportunities:  Learn from a successful business leader on how he has grown several businesses with the aid of trusted advisers. Hear from subject matter experts on topics such as seizing growth opportunities, building value, and exploiting innovation. The afternoon keynote speaker will pass along lessons learned on liquidating / transferring a business.  Then take the opportunity to work with peers to delve into a business case study or two.

     Join this dynamic day and walk away with great information to share with colleagues or clients, with new connections to expand your professional network, and with a wealth of ideas to make your business or practice even more successful!


 [Early Bird rates available through April 11th]

Exit Criteria for your Transition to Reinvention

You can exit your business on your terms so you can transition to the lifestyle of your dreams with the wealth to pursue your reinvention (venture, adventure, avocation, hobby, retirement)
But what you can’t do is assume you can simply hire a team of experts and just walk away from your business in the next six months.

Start with your exit criteria to achieve your ultimate goals as you transition to your reinvention.

Freedom — What does freedom look like to you when you exit your business, after the exit transaction is complete?

Control — Who’s in control of decisions, strategy, budget, operations, and sales now? Who will be in control of each area of the business when you exit? Have you transitioned the decisions and control to one person, to a team of leaders or to no one leaving a vacuum in the business?

Wealth — What is your wealth requirement for your reinvention and lifestyle after you exit? How do you define wealth? How much of the wealth you need for your reinvention must come from the business? Can you liquidate the business to produce that level of wealth to achieve your other exit criteria?

Liquidity — How much liquidity do you need immediately when you exit? How long can you wait to receive final payment?

Timeline — What is your ideal timeline for your exit? For your reinvention? For liquidity?

Legacy — What’s your definition of the legacy you want to leave behind? What do you and your business stand for? What do you want to be remembered for? How can you achieve that?

Dynasty — Do you want to build a family dynasty? What would that look like? What do you have to put in place to realize your dynasty?

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