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As Rich Schefren says:

Big business always ‘beats up’ and steals the lunch money of the small independent operators.
And if you know anything about business or have witnessed the birth or growth of an industry you have already seen the pattern play out
time and time again.”

When you know the value of your time, when you know your worth in the market, it changes how you think about time. It changes how you think about free time, family time, vacation time, and beyond.

  • Do you know what your time is worth?
  • Do you know what your time needs to be worth to achieve your income goals?

These two are starting points. You need these two answers before you can make effective decisions about what activities you should spend your time on and what activities to delegate, outsource and automate.

It also takes discipline, learning new habits, and teaching those around you to value and respect your time. If you don’t value your time, no one else will. Therefore, your time management and concentration on your most valuable activities – or lack of either one – may be the reasons your business is not generating the desired income or growing.  Yet you still might be working harder and longer than you want, with no end in sight.

This should be a wakeup call to use your time more wisely: eliminate switch-tasking, stop multi-tasking and hone in on what you do best. Your most important skills add value to the business every minute you are working. You must discipline yourself to focus on your most valuable activities, schedule everything you do, and delegate everything else. This will continually increase the worth of your time and add value to the business, enabling you to achieve your ultimate goal – cash out on your terms on your timeline.

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