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Excellent article on by Simon Cohen, founder of Global Tolerance.  He gave his business away.

He elaborates on his three reasons for his OLE (Open Leadership Exercise):

1. Traditional Exit Strategies are Broken
 For any entrepreneur, putting your life’s work in the hands of a strategy that succeeds only one in four times is flawed. “

2. Values have Value
“It’s amazing to me how many companies express certain values, but when it comes to exit, those values are left at the door. In a world of discerning customers, this is a disaster for brand and customer loyalty — and the long-term value of the company. “

3. Happiness
“…too many people confuse money as the ends rather than the means. For the most part, we want to be happy. To make a difference. To live a life of meaning.”

The whole (brief) article is worth reading.

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